Rohan. The Interior Design Show has always been one of the highlights of our company’s calendar. It’s a great place to get inspirations, see old friends and find out what’s new in the industry. We began participating in IDS events a year after launching our company. There is no doubt that the Studio North section of IDS manages to steal the show year after year. Packed full of unique and inspiring ideas, people and concepts, it’s where the outside the box thinking really shows itself. In addition to this for the new designer, the small startup or even the seasoned solo maker, IDS offers an amazing opportunity for us to get our ideas in front of not only the media but tens of thousands of people over just the course of a few days.

We’ve participated now for 3 years, heading into our 4th and we always try to do something different. Whether it’s a booth in Studio North, a pop up shop at TO Design Offsite, a product in the prototype section or all of the above. We try to use our IDS experience to show people something completely different and make them pause for just a second before passing us by.

This year we unveiled our Epona rocking horse concept, with much acclaim. Epona uses a formed wooden structure and a rabbit fur saddle to to provide a raw material feel to the piece. The sway is provided by a network of copper cables. Onlookers could not help but rock our little horse whenever passing by the Studio North section and this is exactly what we wanted. No one expected a child’s rocking horse, let alone something that looked like ours. It caused people to pause and think and that’s amazing. The design didn’t seem possible, people had to actually touch it to believe it and when you can make people think differently about a product, you’re creating a new experience for them and that is a powerful thing that can spawn creativity.

Warehouse was also invited to submit design to the Toronto Design Offsite Festival, where designers and artists from around the globe showcase their talents. This year we took part in the Outside the Box show, which asks designers to develop a product that reflects the urban lifestyle of their hometowns. In particular the theme from Ottawa dealt with the idea of duality.

Our team decided to put together our take on headphones. Using maple, leather and rabbits fur, our team developed our Echo headphones which come with winter cup ‘sleeves’ which help to keep your ears warm when using our city’s vast network of pathways and public transit routes. In Ottawa the weather is such a constant topic. Our summers are hot and winter frigid, we took this duality of our environment and reflected that in how we would design headphones. The Outside the Box show also travelled to Brooklyn, New York, with the pieces for the Wanted Design Festival which showcased the designs of cities throughout North America.

We are looking forward to debuting some new designs for 2017 Interior Design Show in Toronto.


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