Established 2012

Founded in 2012, Warehouse has always relied upon the knowledge and background that comes with the development of a well rounded designer. In 2012, our founders searched to find a different path and as such decided to leave the corporate environment and pursue their passion for design in a more creative outlet. In 2014, with a vision to make accessible, design minded housewares, Warehouse sold its first product.


Starting in a basement, concepts and prototypes were developed and tested by hand. The goal of these designs was to develop products which would look at materials and manufacturing in a new perspective. Recognition began to grow due to the success of a few small designs, and more space was needed to design and create new products. The team found a rugged space in a building surrounded by artists and craftspeople. This immersion in creativity has helped to shape the products coming out of Warehouse ever since.


In 2012, the team decided to enter one of their products into the Red Dot Design awards. Knowing their Maple Set Knives were something special, and with the goal of simply getting some more interest in the product line, the whole crew was surprised when the Maple Set went on to win the Best of the Best Award at the 2013 Red Dot Design Awards. With the award came a great deal of press and recognition. The Maple Set was the first in a line of products offered to our faithful fans and is still in production today.


With awards and recognition came a great deal of press. Warehouse products have been featured on CNN, Wired, Lufthansa, Mashable, Fast Company, Gizmodo, Uncrate and countless other magazines and publications. Our work relies on these media outlets and they have always done a great at showing the world what we are up to.


Our philosophy on design relies on our ability to take risks when it comes to developing products. Every year our team develops dozens of concepts. Some are created for design contests, others for trade show pieces, and many are simply to try and test out new and creative ideas.